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Asked: Answers for homework?

1.Identify the reflexive pronoun in the following sentence: Victor taught himself how to speak Russian.(1 point)
2.While Eleanor Roosevelt was still a child, she experienced the death of(1 point)
both her grandmothers.
both her parents and a brother.
her best friend.
her favorite pet.
3.At the time of his death, Eleanor Roosevelts husband, Franklin, was(1 point)
the governor of New York.
a United States senator.
a United States congressman.
the president of the United States.
4.After her husband died in 1945, Eleanor Roosevelt(1 point)
dropped out of the public eye.
worked for the United Nations.
began writing a newspaper column.
refused to grant interviews.
5.Which of the following would best help you predict that Eleanor Roosevelt would become a champion of human rights?(1 point)
her decision to marry Franklin Roosevelt
the loss of her parents and brother
her work with the poor
her disinterest in being a debutante
6.Read the following sentence.
It was common for young women of Eleanors social class to spend most of their time worrying about their social lives.

Which of these words uses a prefix to mean the opposite of common?

(1 point)
7.According to the timeline, which of the following events occurred first?(1 point)
Eleanor marries Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected president.
World War I ends.
Eleanor resigns from the United Nations.
8.Identify the intensive pronoun in the following sentence: I built the house myself."(1 point)
9.Which of the following could be a title of a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt?(1 point)
Eleanor Roosevelt: How I Lived
Eleanor Roosevelt: My Life
Eleanor Roosevelt: In My Own Words
Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Life and Times
10.The narrator of Eleanor Roosevelt is someone who(1 point)
dislikes her.
respects her.
finds her amusing.
knew her well.
11.Which word in this sentence should be capitalized?
Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most famous women in the United States during the years of the Depression and world War II.

(1 point)


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