Depression In Men

Male Vulnerability To Depression

Men aren’t like women. Sure, I know that this is stunning news. Alert the media! It’s true though; men are different from women in more ways than one would normally think. Because of their differences they’re more vulnerable to some serious uncomfortable side effects of depression . ‘Vulnerable’ is not a word that is usually associated with males and that is part of the problem. Males, as a rule, don’t speak about their feelings. They do not wish to be considered vulnerable, weak, in need of help, or fragile. A man is much less likely to open up to a good friend, a co-worker, partner or medical professional that they are feeling depressed.
Depression affects males as well as females, yet the medical profession sees a lot fewer males than women because males do not search help for this condition as much as their female counterparts do. Males feel the need to be powerful, in control, aggressive and sometimes neglect their mental health within the process of being ‘manly’. Men have traditionally had the function of being tough and self-reliant, and sometimes the ladies in their lives maintain that very same view of the male role.
A man wanting to talk about his feelings of vulnerability and fragility might be taken as a sign of weakness to some females and this can result in the loss of a relationship. Because males aren’t inclined to consider they need assistance and assume that it’s a sign of virility that they’ll deal with whatever life throws their way-they aren’t usually conscious of the symptoms of depression . Instead of looking for help, males may try to compensate for their feelings of depression by increasing alcohol consumption or using drugs to mask their pain.

The Symptoms Of Male Depression

This can result in risky behavior. Some will spend extra time at work and less time at home, resulting in problems in relationships. In case you’re affected by depression you may be underperforming at work, feel much less likely to talk than normal, you feel irritable, feel achy and you are worrying more and more about issues in your life. Physical problems, similar to erectile dysfunction can result in depression in men.
Occasionally depressio n may cause sexual problems, however the good news is that there are lots of remedies accessible to assist with both. Males should know that depression can affect them in addition to females and must know the signs: * Feelings of hopelessness * Lack of appetite * Anxiety * Loss of sex drive * Trouble concentrating * Loss of energy * No desire to maintain personal hygiene * Losing interest in folks or activities If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms it is ok to speak to your doctor. You’re not superman. Asking for help does not make you weak.