how long does amethia side effects last?

Asked: how long does amethia side effects last?

for the last 6 months i've been taking the birth control amethia, and noticed horrific side effects three months in. I've experienced horrible anxiety, and depression. Even though my family has a history of this, the effects only started to happen after taking this pill. i've decided to switch back to loestron 24 (i've experienced no side effects with this). Its been about a week and i've noticed a significant drop in my anxiety and no depression but i still get episodes of it through the day. I was wondering how long it'll take for the hormones to get used to the loestron after getting of the amethia. I don't mean to get pregnant, but the chemicals in my brain (if that makes any sense) so i know when the anxiety will go away and never come back. I went to the therapist and he agrees that it might take a month, but i want someone who has experience with this kind of thing. BTW im 16 years old, and i have PCOS and i need the pill to regulate my period so i can't go off of it.


It needs to clear from your system. Flush it with either crack or meth.

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