what does this Capricorn man want now? How to handle the situation, please help?

miranda Asked: what does this Capricorn man want now? How to handle the situation, please help?

the question is regarding my 27 yrs old niece whom i love dearly. she has recently lost a prematurely born baby and is in deep depression.
when she was young she dated a man who was 14 years older than she was.we all advised her against it but she was deeply in love with him.but then he dumped her as if never cared for her and left the town for his professional reasons.she was 18 then. she was deeply wounded and did not date anyone and finally married a loser who consistently cheated on her.
that man is back in town, acquired the business where me and my niece work. she was on met. leave when Company was merged with his.
problem is that he is being good with her,not in obvious ways but still. e.g. he arranged company transport for her, reshuffled office building to shift her on more comfortable office and in close proximity with his own office, invited all female workers to his mother's birthday. she did not go by the way. his mother often call her up to ask her about (they are 2nd cousins on her father's side) . i am sorry if i sound vague, but i am sensing that his interest in not just of a kind employer and my other colleagues also feel that.he is otherwise very gentlemanly with every one though he watches her a lot . my niece has not paid any attention to it, neither felt any thing in his gestures. she is still mourning her first born.

i do not want my niece to get hurt, she has already suffered a lot.
please tell me what to do, should i ask her to resign, it's a good job, he has given a raise as well after merger.
should i give her a hint so she could be on her guard, but she is fiery tempered when cornered and i do not want any scenes.
i do not know what does this man want. he has already hurt her. he does not lack female attention, himself very good looking man and well-off there are so many other women out there why can't he go after them and he knows about her recent loss.
please give me some advice , if it helps to know then he is a Capricorn with mars in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius with Libra rising. she is Leo with Taurus rising and Venus in pieces and mars in Libra
please advise me and pray for my niece, she is a very humble and sweet girl and extremely beautiful.
why do such good girls have to suffer so much and unworthy girls get all good men?


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