What to do? (when you feel lost and hopeless)?

this is me Asked: What to do? (when you feel lost and hopeless)?

I am currently 19(male) and Ive lost all ambition. Life seems colourless and bland, all of the things that used to interest me seem dull. I have had depression and know what it feels like, so I honestly don't feel like this is depression. Overall I feel lost with a big list of problems and no motivation or ambition to push on (When it feels as if every problem is nothing but a lost cause with no "Win" anywhere to be seen no matter how long and hard I may look)

I have tried everything I can think of to lift my spirits and to help find motivation or Inspiration of any kind just to gain a foothold but nothing has worked. I work out for an hour a day(Five times a week), I eat reasonably healthy, I force my self to go out with friends and be social(when I would like nothing more than to sit at home and do nothing). Even music, the one constant that has all ways been able to pick me up feels flat.

My big problem: I have horrible trust issues, so I only really have one person that I feel comfortable sharing my innermost feelings with. This is one of my best friends, hes all ways been there when ever Ive needed him. When I was suffering from depression he was the one I went to, he listened and then gave me helpful input. And with his help I was able to work my way trough a dark chapter in my life. But now the problem is that I have developed strong feelings for him. Hes not gay and I'm pretty sure that I'm not (I thought for a while that I might be bisexual, but in the end I'm just not sexually attracted to men). So I'm stuck with this hanging over my head and I can't help but constantly think about it. I'm not willing to risk one of my most meaningful relationships by telling him how I feel. And if I chose to not do anything and keep this to my self, I lose my only real way of venting my feelings and thoughts to another person. (I say this because I'm the person who will bear a smile no matter how they really feel, and do their best to cheer up and keep everyone happy. I generally only act in a positive manner and don't let my real emotions physically manifest.) I feel that if I can work past this everything else is within reach. That this is just hanging so heavily over my head that it only amplifies my feeling of being lost with nowhere to go.

A side note: I am 100% certain that seeing a psychiatrist will not help me, with my trust issues it wouldn't go anywhere.


Pedo Bear Answered:
Well pedo bear likes to drink

No Real Help Answered:
Your life, your choice, your business.

Your life is, and will always be, exactly what and how you choose for it to be. You can try to blame anyone and anything for the way your life is, but in the end, it always comes back to you and the choices you make … the attitudes you choose, the way you choose perceive things; how you choose to act; what you choose to do (and not do); what you choose to say and how you choose to say it; who you choose to like, etc.

Enjoy the choices you make for yourself.

Peter Answered:
can'e be bothered reading it all but you should take medication to help you with the trust issues, and if you aren't going to go to a therapist then you'll never get over the problems.

knoblesnmcb22 Answered:
So you force yourself to do things that you believe will make you feel better and you end up feeling worse?Mystery to me (searching for sarcasm font)…. Ask yourself what you really want from this life and when you realize what the answer is you will be motivated to move on and grow up.

Steve Polychronopolis Answered:
You need serious help man,

fds n01 Answered:
I'd get on my mountain bike and ride into the distance with the bare essentials in my back-pack and you'd be pleasantly surprised as to how many people would be willing to give you shelter, food etc and hopefully the whole exercise will make you a better person able to deal with today's society and look at your present so called problems from a different perspective

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