Why does my ex-boyfriend hate me so much? He dumped me?

Indie Poser 3 Asked: Why does my ex-boyfriend hate me so much? He dumped me?

He's the one who dumped me and left me in tears and depression about five or six weeks ago…he just messaged me telling me the relationship upsets him too much and he can't be with me anymore, and he said that I have no idea what he's going through, and he said he tried killing himself, and then he just "went to bed". And then he just randomly starts hating me, he made me so upset. He wrote a status on Facebook about his "ex-boyfriend trying to get him back" and he started talking bad about me, genuinely hated me, and deleted me off Facebook. I stopped talking to him for about a week and then he just messaged me and added me back on Facebook saying "I just think it's stupid we're not even friends anymore =P" and then he tried to talking to me but then he just randomly started hating me again, and he freaking disappears off the face of the earth because he has to revise for exams. He isn't allowed on his devices, I don't think (it happens all the time, he always gets grounded by his mum I think) and he's only been on like three or four times the past three weeks, but when I wrote a Facebook status saying "It makes me sick when people in relationships flirt with other people and make their boy/girlfriends jealous because being jealous over someone you love is the worst feeling", and he just commented saying "lmfao that pretty describes what you did to me" and I haven't said anything back to him because he most likely isn't on any devices, but why does he hate me so much? He just randomly dumped me without a proper reason and now he hates me while I still love him to bits! Seriously, sometimes he talks to me like he wants to be friends, but sometimes he hates the guts out of me, and sometimes he just tells me about his problems and how depressed he is because of his mum…


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